Bohler AWS 6013 Premium Electrodes 5kg

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Bohler premium AWS 6103 electrodes give exceptional weldability in all positions. Soft arc and minimal spatter offer excellent welding properties on A.C. with good striking and restriking characteristics. Soft arc, minimum spattering, very easy slag removal, famous for fine rippled and smooth weld surfaces..

Available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm and 4.0mm diameters

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Bohler AWS 6013 stick electrodes use a coating which assumes the function of a protective gas shield on one hand and of forming a slag on the other, thereby protecting the metal droplets transferred and the weld metal in turn against contact with atmospheric oxygen. Further functions of the coating are de-oxidation of the weld metal, increasing the metal recovery, offsetting burn-off and ensuring good flow.

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